CTPM are a team of experienced Business Improvement coaches who have been servicing clients throughout Australasia for over 20 years as they strive for Operational Excellence

CTPM provides the expertise and guidance to accelerate the tangible and intangible benefits for all stakeholders from the successful introduction and implementation of TPM & Lean at your site.

Our research and experience has shown that to be able to fully understand and implement TPM & Lean into an Australasian work environment, all employees from top management to shop floor require:

  • Education (why and how);
  • Demonstration (copying);
  • Practice (doing); and
  • Experience (time and reflection).

As such, CTPM has developed a proven flexible methodology supported by comprehensive team member manuals and booklets along with providing a 3 level support process aimed at the rapid development of your Co-ordinator, Champions and Team Leaders to ensure the highest probability of success.



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Established in 1996, CTPM - The Centre for Australasian TPM & Lean has evolved over the years to this day being a team of Business Improvement Coaches who assist enterprises from a range of industrie...

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Experts in Operational Excellence At CTPM, we started our quest to develop an Australasian version of TPM and Lean over 20 years ago recognising our workplace culture is quite different to that found ...

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Striving for Operational Excellence Over the past 20 plus years we have had the privilege to assist many great clients from a vast array of industries and sizes (sites of 9 to 5000 employees) on their...

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CTPM have established a number of relationships with companies over the years that hold the same focus and drive for supporting organisations as they progress their TPM and Operational Excellence jour...

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