TPM & Operational Excellence in Industry

CTPM’s TPM & Operational Excellence in Industry division assists and coaches companies to get the most from their people, equipment and processes through the implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Lean principles.

There have been many management fads, acronyms and new ideas thrust at Industry over the years, however the only enduring practice that produces sustainable long term results is having a capable and engaged workforce that can identify and address problems at the earliest possible time. By investing in strategically driven on-going Improvement Activities you not only transform your business, but you also create a competitive advantage that cannot be easily replicated.


Generate rapid returns on your improvement investment without disrupting operations by starting with thoughtfully structured cross-functional teams, which involves 5% of team member’s time focusing on critical production areas or value streams using a prescriptive process so as to:

  • Use Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Lead Time Reduction as improvement drivers;
  • Reduce variation in processes to enhance Quality;
  • Engage Operators to understand and manage their Equipment and Workplace so as to enhance performance and reliability;
  • Create the Visual Workplace to identify problems at the earliest possible time;
  • Establish effective Daily Review Meetings that engage and develop the workforce;
  • Develop Frontline Problem Solving Root Cause Analysis capability at all levels; and
  • Develop Frontline Leaders through on-going Improvement Activities and focused training modules so Supervisors and Managers don't work down a level.

By using a TPM & Operational Excellence approach that focuses on the 'how' rather than just the tools and incorporates the development of all your people, it will ensure the learning is embedded, resulting in the sustainability of gains achieved.

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Contact Ross Kennedy via Phone: +61 2 4226 6184 or via Email:, and discuss your TPM & Operational Excellence needs. Ross can outline the possible pathways to best suit your unique situation, as well as recommend funding options available.

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Books Published

Published by the internationally renowned Taylor & Francis Group, please see table below for details on Ross' books.

OEE Book Cover

Understanding, Measuring, and Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness: How to Use OEE to Drive Significant Process Improvement 

Published: August 2017

The book explains why the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measure was created and how it should be used.

Reader Review:

"Your book about OEE, it is amazing and touching. As I said to my team, it came from the factory. The books fluidity and words reflect nothing except deep hands-on thought. Thank you very much”
- Operational Excellence Manager -

This book is available to purchase by clicking here.

Daily Management Book Cover

Understanding, Measuring, and Improving Daily Management: How to Use Daily Management to Drive Significant Process Improvement 

Published: December 2018

This book explains the critical parts of a business improvement strategy to achieve Operational Excellence and where reactive improvement through effective daily management fits in. In addition, it shows the consequences to your Operational Excellence journey if daily management is not performed well..

This book is available to purchase by clicking here.