On-line Training

CTPM Webinars are on-line training sessions focused on TPM and Operational Excellence topics. Both our FREE 30-minute Webinars and our 1 to 2 hour Master Classes consist of a slideshow presentation along with live audio from one of our experienced Business Improvement coaches. Most importantly, there are no travel or hotel expenses and you can watch the session from the comfort of your own home and device.


FREE 30-minute Webinars

See sample below of our most recent completed FREE 30-minute Webinars.

Guest Webinar: Getting Started with Industry 4.0

Industry Webinar: Creating a Visual Workplace in a multi-shift environment that locks in Improvements

Services Webinar: How to find the time for Continuous Improvement

For those that missed these sessions you can view a recording of them on our CTPM YouTube channel following the above links, and you can also obtain a copy of the slides used by our presenters right here in the membership section.

All the rest of our previously held FREE Webinars are also available to view on our CTPM YouTube Channel, so check it out and feel free to share each recording with your colleagues. We hope you enjoy!


Master Classes

Our 1 to 2 hour Master Classes were designed for sites to gather a few people in a training room, and listen in to the sessions together. Our most recent Master Class was on Using structured CI to develop Leaders at all Levels.

This latest session and all our previous Master Classes are available to purchase as a Master Class Pack, which includes:

  • a private link to the recording of the session;
  • a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used in the session;
  • reference material supporting the session topic; and
  • a Task Sheet to assist post session discussion on site.

Visit our Online Store to see the Master Class Packs available.