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Defect Tags



Pack of 50 Defect Tags (with cable ties) 



Various methods of defect tagging have been used over the years. Each site needs to determine the most appropriate system that will meet their needs and fit into their current work practices. A defect tag system should not only cover what type of tag will be used, but most importantly how the defect will be managed once identified.  For example, once a defect has been identified it will need to be allocated to someone to rectify along with a priority within the team’s boundaries (e.g. 2 hours Mechanical Maintenance support per week). 

To assist in establishing a Defect Tagging System, CTPM has developed a Defect Tag that we believe will provide great value to your workplace. The tag is divided into 3 sections. The top section is to be attached to the defect (via a nylon cable-tie), the middle section is to be given to the person responsible for fixing (allocated maintenance support person or Team Leader of the Area Based Team undertaking Operator Equipment Management Step 1), and the bottom section is to be pinned onto a display board showing layout of area to identify where to find the defect and to keep a visual record of where previous defects have been found.

Please Note: Once payment is finalised, the Defect Tags will be packaged and sent by post. An email will be sent to you with details of the delivery. If for some reason you do not obtain the product within 2 weeks after payment is finalised, please contact CTPM via email at or via phone on +61 2 4226 6184.

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