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Noticeboard with Team Forms



Noticeboard (or Scoreboard) with Team Forms 



Each Display Board is a tri-fold display board with the dimensions of 48 x 36 inch. The Noticeboard includes set-up for your relevant Improvement Activity that includes:

  • Team Forms;
  • Laminated board titles;
  • Plastic sleeves;
  • Blu-Tack; and
  • Punched grommets (eyelets) for hanging (no hanging hooks are provided).

An electronic copy of the relevant Team Forms used is also provided. The Team Forms may include Team Members Photo & Roles, Attendance & Schedule, Team Meeting Agenda, Team Information Sheet, Discussion Sheet, Team Name Rules & Consequences, Task Sheet, History Sheet, Parking Lot Sheet, Improvement Sheets, and Example Process Flow Map.

Please Note: Once payment is finalised, the Noticeboard with Team Forms will be assembled, packaged and sent by post. An email will be sent to you with details of the delivery. If for some reason you do not obtain the product within 2 weeks after payment is finalised, please contact CTPM via email at or via phone on +61 2 4226 6184.

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