360 Enterprise Innovation

CTPM’s 360 Enterprise Innovation division assists and coaches companies to establish an effective Innovation Management System within their existing operations to identify and tackle daily innovative ideas using the Empowering Innovation Framework.

In a time where organisations find it difficult to build a sustainable long-term business due to the ever increasing complex and dynamic environment, the focus has to not only be on continuously improving their existing services and processes, but also on identifying and embracing any opportunities to introduce innovative practices.

The major challenge for any organisation of any scale wishing to introduce a culture of innovation is how to embed an effective Innovation Management System that recognises the primacy of the existing hierarchical structure i.e. it does not disrupt the efficient running of the traditional business.

We are in the process of conducting a study about the types of innovation undertaken and barriers faced by SMEs in Australia. If you would like to help us with this study, we invite you to participate in our short survey by clicking this link.


In our experience, 360 Enterprise Innovation will minimise disruption to people’s normal work commitments and allow deeper thought into the Innovation process. Benefits of this approach will include:

  • Limited resources involved, as only small teams of two supported by a Mentor are established;
  • Guided Innovation system to ensure ideas are introduced and managed in a systematic fashion;
  • Improve likelihood of ultimate commercial success through rapid prototyping;
  • Increase Employee Motivation and Engagement by empowering employees to think outside the box and be creative; and
  • Increase Employee Morale by giving them ownership of their ideas and a system for their ideas to be heard.

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Contact Dr Andrew M Connery via Phone: +61 2 4226 6184 or via Email: andrew.connery@ctpm.org.au, and discuss your Enterprise Innovation needs. Andrew can outline the possible pathways to help bring 360 Enterprise Innovation to life, as well as recommend possible funding options available. 


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