Continuous Improvement in Services

CTPM’s Continuous Improvement in Services division assists and coaches companies to get the most from their people and processes through the implementation of Lean principles.

Within the Service Industry a misconception still exists that Continuous Improvement using Lean principles is not relevant. We often hear:

“Lean is just for manufacturing!”

“Our processes are unique and based on our clients so Lean won’t work!” and

“We work in person or online, not on big machines, so what could Lean do for us?”

But it is the complexities of the Service Industry that makes the use of Lean Principles the perfect fit to create an environment of Continuous Improvement:

  • Processes have long cycle times;
  • There can be multiple variables within each process including decision points, decision makers and the interactions with a variety of systems and support teams;
  • Most of the value-added work often takes place out of sight, in peoples’ minds; and
  • It is a constant evolving environment including but not limited to, the introduction of new technologies, off shore teams and out sourced providers.

These complexities are an untapped source of opportunities to decrease employee frustrations and reduce wastes / non value-add activities.


In our experience, the key to successful Continuous Improvement is to use a prescriptive proven process to ensure buy-in from those involved, in which multiple benefits can be realised:

  • The cost and time savings can be calculated to show the return on investment;
  • Everyone starts using the same language and approach;
  • Creates a mindset of Continuous Improvement therefore becoming “how you work” not an additional activity (working smarter, not harder);
  • Increases Employee Morale and Reduces Frustrations; and
  • Increases Employee Motivation and Engagement by empowering employees to observe, analyse and improve the way they work.


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