CTPM's Site Subscription offers further support and assistance to companies progressing their TPM & Operational Excellence journey

Supporting the TPM & Operational Excellence Community of Australasia through our Site Subscription service.

CTPM has been assisting sites for over 25 years to engage and develop their people as they strive for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Operational Excellence using our proven Australasian TPM & Lean approach. As such we have built up a significant knowledge base and network.

Therefore, to assist sites to further progress their TPM & Operational Excellence journeys, and to further develop their in-house capability, we have created CTPM's Site Subscription service.


CTPM Site Subscription  This subscription service has been established to assist sites to further progress their TPM & Operational Excellence journeys. CTPM – The Centre for Australasian TPM & Lean ha...


through Visions, Philosophy, & Goal Alignment

Reactive Improvement

through Effective Daily Management

Stable Production Plan

through Flow Logic

Pro-active Improvement

through Automation & Digitalisation, Projects & Events, and On-going Improvement Activities