Stable Production Plan

through Flow Logic


Stable Production Plan through Flow Logic is a critical part of your sites Continuous Improvement Strategy to achieve TPM & Operational Excellence. It is focused on your sites ability to stop the disruptions and hidden costs of fire-fighting throughout the supply chain every time the production plan unexpectedly changes while also enhancing your customer service through shorter lead times and perfect delivery performance. By creating a Stable Production Plan at your site you will underpin and enhance both your Reactive and Pro-active Improvement activities.

Traditionally Production Planning & Scheduling is based on Batch Logic which uses target stock figures to calculate what is required to be produced or delivered. If the underlying data has changed since the last plan was calculated, then one gets a different result and a different plan. Toyota found that Batch Logic required perfect information, perfect plant performance, and perfect supplier performance otherwise they were forever adjusting their production plans and schedules.

Therefore, Flow Logic thinking was introduced and rather than focusing on improving how production scheduling is done, it changed the way it was done. Flow will stop the ‘fire-fighting’ in your plants and supply chains, to allow more time to be devoted to On-going Improvement Activities.

Flow Logic is a 5 Stage process that is supported by the Glenday Sieve Analysis, and its approach is about taking the variation in demand out of the production area and moving it into the warehouse. By initially having a fixed sequence and time schedule for your dominant products for say 50% of each week, you not only have stability to allow regular On-going Improvement Activities, but you also gain by the Economies of Repetition.


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Flow Logic

Applying the 5 Stages of Flow to address fire-fighting caused by production plan changes.