Aussie Cup Team Competition


The Aussie Cup Team Competition has been an essential part of each forum since 1998 and has provided an ideal opportunity for companies to showcase their improvement activities.

Involvement in the competition recognises the:

  • Involvement of teams in improving their company's performance;
  • Involvement of individuals in working to improve performance; and
  • The progress a company has made in engaging their personnel in Improvement Activity.

By being involved in the competition, teams demonstrate the contribution that they have made to their organisation and their own personal development. it also provides companies with the opportunity to compare their own improvement processes against those of others.


Recognise, Inspire & Motivate

Many companies find that participation by their employees in the Team Competition is followed by increased enthusiasm and acceleration in onsite Improvement Activities.

It also promotes networking through the sharing of lessons learnt amongst teams and companies. Some of the captured improvements can be viewed by clicking here.

"The Team presentations demonstrated to me the intrinsic personal rewards that the TPM process engenders as a by-product of the involvement in the wide ranging tasks taken on by the diverse teams. All team members were engaged, involved and obviously very proud of their efforts and this can only be a benefit to each of their companies and the other members / workmates that they react with" - Team Leader, Simplot Australia


Team Competition Finalists

Winner: 'Night Rollers The Sequel' - B&D Doors & Openers (Clontarf QLD)
Runners Up: 'Cultured Club' - Goodman Fielder Dairy (Longburn NZ)

Winner: 'RACK N STACK' - New Zealand Sugar Company
Runners Up: 'The Wrappers' - ALMC (Lytton), 'Series 2' - B&D Doors & Openers (Revesby), 'Reject Vampires' - AstraZeneca & 'Cyclone Beaters' - B&D Doors & Opners (Clontarf)

Winner: 'Men at Work' Team - B&D Doors & Openers (Revesby)
Runners Up: 'Carbon Credits' - New Zealand Sugar & 'Axle Assembly Cats' - B&D Doors & Openers (Kilsyth)

Winner: 'The Shift' Team - New Zealand Sugar
Runners Up: 'Powersavers' Team - B&D Doors & Openers (Revesby)

Winners: 'The Chameleons' Team - New Zealand Sugar
Runners Up: The 'Sweet As' Team - Sugar Australia (Yarraville)

Winners: The 'Stitched Up' Team - Sugar Australia (Yarraville)
Runners Up: The 'Affination Fugal' Team (NZ Sugar) & The 'Bulldogs' Team (Darrell Lea)


ABT Winner: NZ Sugar (Chelsea Refinery) - The Packing Hall 2 OEM Team
ABT Runners Up: Simplot Australia, Echuca VIC - The 'TemPeraMentals' Team
XFT Winner: Simplot Australia, Echuca VIC - The `TemPeraMentals' Team
XFT Runners Up: Simplot Australia, Ulverstone TAS - The Kung Fu Pandas Team

ABT Winner: Simplot Australia, Bathurst NSW - The Gunslingers Team
ABT Runners Up: Boral Quarries, Dunmore NSW - The Pit Crew Team
XFT Winner: OZ Rosebury Mine - The Turbidilisers Team
XFT Runners Up: Simplot Australia, Ulverstone TAS - The Mythbusters Team

Winners: Holden HFV6 Engine Plant Melbourne Vic - Block Busters Team
Runners Up: Zinifex Rosebury Mine Tas - Road Running Back Breaking Camel
Simplot Echuca, Vic - Lab Rats Team

Winners: CSL Bioplasma, Broadmeadow VIC - Tunnel Vision Team
Runners up: Fonterra Australia, Cororooke, VIC - Tear It & Bag It Team
Banpu Public Company, Lampang Thailand - Maintenance Improvement Team
Simplot Australia, Bathurst NSW - The Hot Peppers Team


Winners: Simplot Australia, Echuca - Shinning Light Team
Runners Up: ai Automotive, Adelaide - Box Heads Team
Simplot Australia, Kelso (Wasters Team)


Winners: Simplot Australia, Kelso - Finding Nemo
Runners Up: Simplot Australia, Kelso - F-Troop
Visy Industrial Packaging, Drouin - Maintenance

6 - Kiwi Cup
Winners Juken New Zealand Northland - Half Cut Team
Runners Up: Hynds Pipe Systems, Auckland - Hard Yards Team
Cryovac Sealed Air, Porirua - The Resinlutions Team

4 - Kiwi Cup
Winners: Tenon, Kawerau - Sawmill Saw Tech
Runners Up: Fonterra, Edgecumbe - Fast Tractors
Cryovac Sealed Air - Hot Lips

Gold: ACI Plastics Packaging (Tool Bags)
Silver: Fletcher Challenge Forests (The Cutting Edge)
Bronze: Carter Holt Harvey (Hard Core II)

Gold: ACI Plastics Packaging (Revivors)
Silver: New Zealand Milk Products (Pillet Pirates)
Bronze: BHP Steel (Ship to Shore)

Gold: Shinagawa Thermal Ceramics (Mission Impossible)
Silver: The Uncle Tobys Company (Nitro)
Bronze: The Uncle Tobys Company (Triple M)

Gold: Anchor Products (Smashing Pumpkins)
Silver: Alcoa World Alumina (Kwinana Main Workshop)
Bronze: The Uncle Tobys Company (Bartelts 1&4)

Gold: Capral Aluminium (MTO Pilot Area)
Silver: Alcoa World Alumina (BC4 TPM Pilot Area)
Bronze: Pirelli Cables (P24-225 & P24-229)

Gold: MM Cables (P1-87)
Silver: MM Cables (P24-194)
Bronze: MM Cables (P1-58)